BC and Alberta 2015

Bucket List and Nostalgia

BC West Coast

Drive Through the Rockies

Calgary Stampede

Two more items are now off Ray’s ‘bucket list’ of things to do and places to visit before we die.

Ray had never been to the Calgary Stampede and had never driven the scenic route through the Rockies from Vancouver to Calgary. For me it was reliving my experiences as an 18 year old Chambermaid at the Banff Springs hotel one summer long ago and hitch-hiking to Calgary for the Stampede.  

We decided to start our trip in Vancouver where we could visit several of our friends and relatives, rent a car and drive via Jasper to Calgary where we would stay with Marg and Jack Dunphy, keen Stampeders. The entire trip was everything we could have hoped for.

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BC West Coast Friends and Family

Drive through the Rockies

Calgary Stampede

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