Biking the Blue Danube

June 5-24 2014

Jeanne, Marg, Jack, Ray

June 2014


If someone suggests that you might join them on a bicycle trip down the Danube River, with your luggage transported each day to the next hotel, don't hesitate. Just do it! We did just that and had a wonderful trip. The weather was perfect, our self-guided instructions were excellent, the bicycling was relatively easy, there were interesting spots to stop and visit each day, the hotels were well situated and very comfortable and the food was terrific. What more could we ask?


Ray and I flew to Paris to visit our daughter and her family for a week, thus getting over jetlag before the bike ride. On June 6 2014 we flew to Munich and spent a day visiting the city we had not seen since our honeymoon in February 1966. From Munich we took a train to Passau, on the German-Austrian border, where we joined up with Margaret and Jack Dunphy, friends from Calgary. The Dunphys were perfect companions, ensuring that we all had a memorable trip together.


Jeanne wrote short writeups of our Danube Bike Trip. The writeups and photos are now on this website. To read them, select one of the following:

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