Malaysia and Thailand

Winter 2008-9

Thailand: Bangkok to Ranong

Thailand: Ranong to Malaysia

Probiscus monkey in Borneo

Asian Black Bear at Wildlife Rescue Center

25 November 2008 - 14 March 2009

Another year exploring South-East Asia! We managed a visit with our daughter, Erica, and her family in Paris both at the beginning and the end of our trip (see the Paris section for photos and a write-up) but the main focus for the winter of 2008-9 was Malaysia and Southern Thailand. We flew from Paris to Singapore on 25 November 2008 and after exploring that city, flew to Kuching in Borneo, Malaysia. We had a month exploring Borneo before flying to Thailand where we volunteered for four weeks at Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand, near Cha-Am, about 160 km Southwest of Bangkok. That left another six weeks for a little sun and swimming in the islands of Southern Thailand and Northern Malaysia before flying back to Paris. It was a great experience. We are happiest in less visited areas and both Borneo and the areas we visited in Malaysia and Thailand fit the bill. Add to that a volunteer experience at the Wildlife Center that we would recommend to anyone and it adds up to a successful trip.

The website for Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand, the wildlife rescue center where we volunteered, is Wildlife Friends Foundation

The website for Global Volunteer Network (GVN) the umbrella volunteer organization that has projects all over the world is Global Travel With A Challenge

Jeanne wrote up a description of their trip and posted them on a blog. The blogs have been transferred to this website with a selection of photos for each episode. The write ups have been grouped by area.

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Wildlife Center in Thailand

Island Hopping Malaysia and Thailand

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