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 El Tajin



San Miguel de Allende

It was time to return to favourite cities in Mexico and explore new cities. We flew to Cancun and went to Puerto Morelos on December 16, 2013 and flew home from Mexico City on March 20, 2014. This time we stayed longer at many of our stops, getting to know the area better. We took just one internal flight, from Cancun to Veracrux, and travelled by first and second class buses the rest of the time. There were few places we booked ahead from Ottawa. We were able to book accommodations, usually just one town in advance, using internet booking sites and the Rough Guide. It worked very well. In fact, we will be returning in 2015 to enjoy the Mexican sunshine once again.

Jeanne wrote blogs of their trip, which are included on this website with a selection of photos for each episode.


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