Mexico Dec 18 2018 - Mar 31 2019

Puerto Morelos


San Miguel de Allende

Yes, we were away from Ottawa for the winter months once more. This year we returned to Mexico, staying in our three favourite towns; Dec 18 2018 to January 24 2019 in Puerto Morelos on the Yucatan, January 24 to February 28 2019 in Zihuatanejo on the Pacific Coast and March 2019 in San Miguel de Allende. An extra this year was an overnight in Queretaro on the way from San Miguel to Mexico City Airport. It was, once again, a very successful trip, so much so that we will be going back to Mexico next year.

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December-January in Puerto Morelos

February in Zihuatanejo

 March in San Miguel de Allende

Visit to Quéretaro

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