Ray and Jeanne's Family Gatherings

Jeanne's 75th and Ray's 79th Birthday

The best way to get together with Ross and Erica and their children in the summer is to rent a cottage. To read a short write-up and see photos of our children and grandchildren at the cottage and in Ottawa, click one of the following:

Family Summer 2015 and Family Summer 2016

Our families have joined us for 2 Christmas celebrations in Puerto Morelos, Yucatan

Auerbachs for Xmas 2014 and Auerbachs and Burnhams for our Anniversary Xmas 2015


Celebrating Joint Anniversaries (3 in 1965, 1 in 1967)

The Frew Sisters: Jeanne, Debbie, Mary

We are fortunate to have a close relationship with our brothers and sisters. Read about a few of our gatherings

Burnham Siblings Joint 50th Anniversary May 2015

PEI and the Magdalene Islands Sept 2016

Remembering Marion in Florenceville May 2004


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