Summer with the Family

July-August 2016

Tyler 19, Roman 9, Gavin 13, Atticus 11, Ryan 17

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 It was summer again and time to visit with our grandsons. Roman and Atticus were flying to Montreal without their parents to spend several weeks with us. All went well this year, although we missed having Erica and Andrew visit us in Ottawa. We drove to meet the boys in Montreal and took them back with us to Ottawa. Ross arrived on the next weekend with his youngest son, Gavin, to spend the next three weeks with his cousins. All three boys spend a week at Dovercourt Day Camp and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Our cottage this year was on Big Clear Lake outside Arden, a small town about 3/4 hour west of Perth. Ross, Sherri, Tyler and Ryan joined us for the weekend. The older boys and Sherri went back to their jobs in Barrie, leaving Ross, Ray and me with the three boys. Everyone had a good time swimming in the lake, fishing for bass and sunfish, paddling the canoes and going for walks. Almost every night we had a campfire and toasted s'mores. It left all of us looking forward to the next summer at a cottage again.

Back in Ottawa with Gavin, Atticus and Roman, we had time to visit Mont Cascade Waterpark, play minigolf and visit the Parliament Buildings to see the changing of the guard. The boys also discovered lots of Pokemon sites in downtown Ottawa. We will have to come up with more activities next year for the annual grandsons visit.

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