BC and Alberta 2015

West coast visit with Friends and Family

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Visiting our friends and family who live far from our home is our reward for keeping in touch. Given the busy schedules of everyone’s lives, we were amazed that people made time to see us on our relatively short visit to the Vancouver area. 


Herb and Mary Auerbach, our daughter’s in-laws, welcomed us at the airport and provided very comfortable accommodation in their new, well appointed condo in downtown Vancouver. They were close enough for us to walk to Granville Island and explore False Creek. We had nothing but good news to report back to Erica and Andrew.


It is always fun to visit Ann Richardson, Ray’s cousin, and her husband Gerry, on Pender Island. The weather was overcast for the ferry ride, but the Orcas along the way more than made up for it. In fact, that was the only less than sunny day we had on our whole trip. We all like to walk the country roads and trails on Pender. This year we were introduced to a new beach protectorate and discovered a Bald Eagle nesting in a tree top, all within a short distance to their home. Ann and Gerry introduced us to several of their friends who make their life on the island so enjoyable.


Harv and Carol Thibeau, fellow travellers we met on our first trip to Mexico, live in Ladner. They met us at the Twassen ferry terminal on our return from Pender and drove us to Boundary Bay for a picnic by the beach. We had time after lunch for a short walk through the secluded and peaceful Hidden Garden, started by local residents in a former right of way. Carol had suggested we join them at a Pink Martini concert, part of the summer jazz festival. We drove into the city early the next day to visit Queen Elizabeth Park for another picnic lunch, then drive to Granville Street where we watched a few of the buskers working the crowds before the show started. The concert, in the beautiful, restored Orpheum theatre, was most enjoyable. We recommend Pink Martini should they be playing in your neighbourhood.


Joan and Ron Wilmshurst were good friends of ours when we all lived in London, Ontario. We visited them previously in their home in Langley and couldn’t miss the chance to reconnect again. We were pleased to find Joan so happily settled in her new home. Recently widowed, she is keeping busy with her many friends and interests, especially birding, gardening and tennis.


Lunch at the Vancouver Yacht Club with Marj and John Pike, whom Ray has known since University days, nicely rounded out our visit to Vancouver. We had so much to talk about we were the last people to leave the lunch deck.

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