Malaysia and Thailand

Winter 2008-9

Wildlife Center in Thailand

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Jan 2009

We had a very rewarding four weeks in January 2009 volunteering at Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand, about 160 km SW of Bangkok. We flew from Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia to Phuket, Thailand and made our way by bus to Cha-am where we were met and taken to the Wildlife Center about 30 km away. There we were two of more than 30 volunteers taking care of nearly 350 animals of varying species. It was more and better than we anticipated. Jeanne wrote blog reports of our experiences which have been gathered onto this web site with some photos.

The website for Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand, the wildlife rescue center where we volunteered, is Wildlife Friends Foundation

The website for Global Volunteer Network (GVN) the umbrella volunteer organization that has projects all over the world is Global Travel With A Challenge


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